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Sapa hotel / Hotels play tricks to overcharge tourists in the last moment

  Despite the current strict rules on hotel room rate setting, hoteliers still can play tricks to raise the hotel room rates in the last moment.

VN offers apology to overcharged foreign tourists, and what’s next?

Foreign travelers in Hanoi apprehensive of theft

Nha Trang beach.

Nguyen Quynh Loan in Cau Giay district in Hanoi recalled the trip to Cua Lo beach in 2011, which was a nightmare for her and her family.

Loan and her family members took a train to Cua Lo. After a traveling a long distance, they wished to relax in their hotel rooms which they booked before the departure.

However, when Loan checked in at the hotel, she was told that her name was not found in the list of guests who reserved rooms before. After long arguments, the hotel’s manager admitted that the receptionist might forget taking her name into the reservation list.

Offering an apology to Loan, the manager said no more room with the rate of VND500,000 was left unoccupied, and only VND1.2 million per night rooms were available.

It was too late at 10 pm, and she had to accept the VND1.2 million rooms. “We were told that this was the mistake of the receptionist. But I know they (the hotel) played trick to raise the hotel room rates,” she said.

“I tried to reserve hotel rooms soon, many days in advance, in order to avoid the room rate increases. However, hoteliers still can find many other ways to overcharge tourists,” she continued.

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Although it was very cold but everyone was happy playing in thick snow .

Let's take baby red cheeks because cold weather is playing with snow .

Happy mother and son clay snowman .

A naughty guy who needs snow achievements for fun with friends .

Romantic couples play together under the snow waves .

This guy has a knack molding snow into a lovely heart to pose .

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After playing in the snow , people gathered charcoal fire heating .

These grills this is not a bad choice to visit after playing in the cold snow .

What could be more fun to sit by the fire , heated hand ...

Christmas this year , following the success of Sa Pa night bazaar held at the Metropole Hotel in Hanoi last October , from 23/12/2012-2/1/2013 at 17 hours to 21 hours a day , a fair uplands will be replayed in the garden Metropole hotel in Hanoi with the participation of six red Dao ethnic women .

Fair at the Metropole Hotel Sapa

The organizers said the event by Tourism Training Program community , funds from the Tourism Association of Asia Pacific and Capilano University ( Canada ) coordinate implementation .

The objective of this training is to build and strengthen the capacity of ethnic minorities , especially those individuals and small businesses with local governments and the general public .

Accordingly , six women from two Red Dao Ta Phin and Lao Chai , Sapa , Lao Cai province will experience at the Metropole Hotel . And the position of the donor , the hotel will help them better understand domestic tourism , sales skills to help them through the introduction of hand embroidery products from Sa Pa , how to plan , manage hotel business and sustainable development .

In the highland markets , international tourists as well as people of the capital will have the opportunity to interact with the " business woman " and buy special gifts on their own or loved ones Christmas gifts crafted meaning public .

The entire amount of the sales will be contributed to the revenues of the indigenous people in Ta Phin and Lao Chai .

Lao Cai to build a cable car system Fansipan Sapa

- On 2-11 , in Sapa , Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai has ordered construction project commenced cable systems serving visitors from Sapa to Muong Hoa valley and Fansipan Mountain .

The project is located in " The population of the cultural tourism , cable services , entertainment , Fansipan Sapa Hotel " by the Travel Service Co., Ltd. cable Fansipan - Sapa ( a member of the Sun Group Corporation ) as an investment .

The project has a total investment of 4.400 billion accented with 3- wire cable system , for the first time in Asia and also the 3 wire cable system the longest , highest and most complex world by Austrian manufacturer Doppelmayr supply and installation . 3 wire hanging cable is the only cable car in the world does not need to rescue conventional systems , because in any circumstances any uncertainty , this system will bring tourists to safety foothills .

System cable car to the top of Fansipan about 6.2 km long had held beginning at 11 ( under Sapa ) , crossing Muong Hoa valley to connect with new destinations and up Fansipan Mountain at an altitude of 2,900 - 3,000 m .

With the speed of 8m / s , only 15 minutes , the cable system will take visitors up to the top of Fansipan . Capacity 35 pax / cabin , cable systems have a maximum transport capacity of 2,000 passengers / hour . It is expected that the cable system will pick Fansipan visitors in 2015 .

There is a near Hanoi Sapa

That's Tam Dao - where the French opened a famous tourist resort since the 1940s . If said Tam Dao is the twin sister to Sa Pa was not exaggerating , except that no Tam Dao terraces .

Hanoi is about 90 kilometers away , cool weather 18-25 degrees C , Tam Dao ( Vinh Phuc ) not only famous for its ancient temples , but also as romantic destinations for travelers from North the South .

Tam Dao name but here is the junction between the Red River Delta to the midland mountains . Tam Dao district center located in a valley , surrounded by three mountains Thach Ban , Phu Thien Thi Nghia . Every morning or afternoon , the fog almost covered the whole town , this leaves only three peaks . It feels like there are three mountains between clouds rolling sea . Maybe so , but this hilly area called Tam Dao .

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A romantic corner of Tam Dao

Today, Tam Dao is built into a new town . However, when coming here , visitors can always find the old town of Tam Dao - ie, where the French came and established resorts . The mansion was built by ancient stone architecture and u thoughtfully France full citizenship . How many years now , this space is still the same , almost no change . They say that , in Tam Dao can find and enjoy the space of the past .

A bit u and President of Tam Dao primary endpoints did " bother "