Plus size prom dresses

 Beauty Tips choosing bridesmaid dresses and wedding.

Do not forget to give her bridesmaids in your wedding day, they are standing next to your choir, contributing to the splendor of your wedding day.

In recent years, the bridesmaids in her wedding was more favorable to the sample dresses in diverse designs, materials, styles.

The only common point of time she is only a color to match the dress, ton-sur-ton with the theme of the wedding party

and should honor their friend in the bride's big day. The design of the different dress patterns for bridesmaids

can be a challenge for any home organization. If not careful, the skirt can make your wedding reception look disjointed, without the slightest bearing on each other.

1 equal length skirts

You must have seen a lot of wedding photos on the website image exchanges as tumblr, instagram and Pinterest.

The difference between beautiful photos and pictures are not nice length bridesmaid dresses.

The skirt length on the inconsistencies that usually form the layout of your overall wedding and your wedding photos in particular became disproportionate, discrete.

To ensure aesthetic, always make sure that the length of the dress your bridesmaids are equal.

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2 Change the design only 2 or fewer details

To avoid for your bridesmaids does not become too cluttered difference in the team and the wedding day,

let's dress them differ only in detail the design of 2 or less. For example, you can change the collar design, color

colors in the same tonal color palette) or material changes and collar design. If more than 2 details the changes,

You will be seeing a great race to see who would dress more noticeable.

3 Colors

The set bridesmaid dresses with different colors are very popular nowadays. However, not every set is beautiful dresses

when put on the bridesmaids with the limited number of colors that the designers put you back in the catalog to choose from.

You can check the colors by directly viewing the long skirt set sizes. You can also invite the bridesmaids to accompany tentative,

This will help you avoid the gaze of the eyes is not your wedding day.

4 Do not let the bridesmaids themselves decide

Many girls want their bridesmaids to decide which dress to choose,

What style with a pre-determined color code. But this is a way not recommended at all unless your color code is black.

When you talk to your girl: Please select a navy blue dress, you are sure

'll end up seeing more navy blue dress with the level and totally different style.

5 Do not give too many options bridesmaids

Do not let your bridesmaids have too many options. You even have an appointment with a concert each bridesmaids to let them know that what they have

and what to wear (from colors, materials, styles, designs neck ...). You can suggest to them a list of dresses that you love feel like for them to choose.

Do not expect that they will be wearing this dress next time, so you should always choose the dress that all your bridesmaids together and enjoy.

Finally, bridesmaids do not have to want to wear a bridesmaid dress to another place, another time.

             Choose prom dresses each in shape

  - Many girls often wondered when choosing a prom dress fit your body type.

  Here are a few tips that will help you choose the prom dress according to your body type:

Modest chest and hips

For girls with body type 3 rounds equal as actress Reese Witherspoon,

Should you pose in a dress can hold the waist and hips and increase skirt. you also

should choose the dress style combined with bare shoulders necklace, it will help your round 1 significantly improved.


You are lucky to own hourglass figure like actress Kate Winslet beautiful British.

With this striker, girls can choose from many different types of dresses to attend the gala elegance.

A little hint, you can choose to bundle deflection shoulder dress in black like Kate Winslet.

Round 1 oversize

Women with plump round 1 as actress Salma Hayek should choose dresses with accents at the waist and hips.

A cocktail dress is the perfect choice for the girl who owns this form.

Also, you should choose dresses with motifs identical to lessen the focus on your round 1.

Inverted triangle shape

These girls have this shape would have broad shoulders and hips with a small waist but like the famous actress Angelina Jolie,

therefore, you need to add size to the lower body. The tutu skirt with legs, cross and open shoulder dress with V-neck will suit you.

Round 3 oversized

Kim Kardashian is a celebrity nicknamed 'Super 3'. These girls have bodies like this should select the person hugging dress

and no more than knee-length dresses such as this helps your hips look smaller.

In addition, you should also create accents in the upper part of the body with the jewelry accessories such as rings or necklaces studded bow chest.